Magic Moments. This says it all. The room décor has brightened my childrens rooms. Painting, something I was never good at, is now made so easy, and makes me feel like I have really accomplished something I thought I would never be able to do. It is really for everyone. My older daughter of five has spent many hours of fun painting bags, t shirts and wooden cut outs. The prices are affordable and the unique ideas and designs make excellent gifts.

An exciting and inspiring new hobby!!

Cynthia Fourie

“Magic Moments” is exactly what the name says - Magic Moments!!!

I experienced magic from the moment I stepped into the small cosy shop at the Heritage Market…and eventually landed up creating pieces of heritage for my children, family members and friends…I even sold some of my creations!

Want a reliever from depression, a busy schedule or just run away from the boring every day routine? No expensive medicines or special sessions with therapists are necessary…just visit Magic Moments…your life will never be the same!! Do it NOW, browse through the website or shop and buy some painting gear and get started, or book a painting class. You will experience a piece of heaven and return home refreshed in mind and soul!

Ilze Bothma


Before leaving South Africa ten years ago I started a new hobby, fabric painting. As I had never painted anything in my life before I attended a few fabric painting classes with the ladies at Magic Moments. Those moments of magic have been with me since. It is almost as if I took a piece of Africa with me. My home is filled with fabric painted cushions, pictures, placemats and all the beautiful art I learned from Magic Moments. When visiting South Africa I always return to my favourite shop to catch-up on new designs, techniques and new products. Thank you so much for the special moments.

Anne Esson

  Kerry Brightman - Penzance Primary

When I was painting I felt as if I could just express my feelings because it was my painting.  It was loads of fun!
Melanie White (12yrs)

The fabric art I did was the fat lady on the watermelon.  It was very expressing and I enjoyed it a lot.
Frankie Nixon (12yrs) 
Fabric Art is so much fun.  I did thye fish and even named them because it was just so much fun.
Melissa Zulch (12yrs) 
I really enjoyed the fabric painting.  It was lots of fun.  I liked all the different pictures and colours.
Michelle Meilhon (12yrs)
  Penzance Primary School
Magic Moments fabric painting is awesome. Anyone can do it.
Jessica Lawler (12 years)

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